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The Lykins Square Park and Community Resource Center

Our Lykins Square Park is part of the original Parks and Boulevards Plan designed by famed George Kessler in 1893.  The Park is currently undergoing changes to provide new options for recreation and entertainment. Construction is slated to be complete by spring 2023.

Lykins Community Center
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Lykins Resource Center and Office

The Lykins Resource Center and Office is located at 715 Jackson, just east of the Park.

The new building was designed by Dake-Wells Architects.  The building will be fully operational in October 2022 and available for hosting classes, cooking demonstrations, meetings and small special events. 

Handprint Project

The Handprint Project

hands -04.png

The Lykins Handprint Project is a Community Arts Project that will be completed in 2022-2023. These two hands, 40 feet wide, are comprised of 1100 6" ceramic tiles, each featuring the handprint of a Whittier Elementary School student and others in the neighborhood. Check to see the schedule for the project for more information and kf you would like to join in! There will be community festivities for all!

Lykins Soccer League

Lykins Kids Soccer

isoccer logo-01.png

The Estrella de Oro, the Kids Soccer League run by Victor Muniz, always welcomes new kids to the team! Practices are after school during the week at Lykins Square Park. For information regarding soccer, contact Victor Muniz at or Ricado Flores at .

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