Lykins is your neighborhood.

If you live in Lykins, you are living in the midst of rich Kansas City History.

The boundaries of Lykins Neighborhood are Independence Avenue, Benton Boulevard, Hardesty Avenue, and the diagonal train tracks that run from Truman Road to 9th St.


The Lykins Neighborhood is named after the first mayor of Kansas City and has many homes built in the 1800s. It is part of a larger alliance of neighborhoods called the Historic Northeast. Lykins prides itself as a melting pot of economic and ethnic diversity, a rich experience of many cultures and peoples.

In the middle of Lykins is Lykins Square Park. Around the park, there is a a hive of activity as plans are made to rehab homes and build new ones, as well as add amenities to the park.

While Kansas City is known for its fountains and barbecue, the Lykins neighborhood is in the process of creating something uniquely special: an up and coming sustainable community involved in urban agriculture, after school art programs, and other recreational activities that make it a great place to raise a family. The low cost of living, the abundance of community projects, and the availability of ultra-high speed internet are great reasons to call Lykins home.


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